Father's day weekend is especially nice under the 6-pack of afterburning turbojets of an XB-70

The good news is a decline in region in every group. Slowly but surely, things will improve. As religion fades, so will the racism, homophobia, misogyny, and child abuse that religion encourages. Slowly but surely, the anti-science attitude that has held back medical progress for over 1,000 years will end. The resources put into church buildings and tax breaks for religion will end up actually accomplishing something in the world.

@W8HF Things can be a bit more nuanced when it comes to blame.

If there is an unjust or wrongful situation that existed prior to my birth, but I took benefit from that situation and perpetuated it, then I would be deserving of blame.

Taking pride in something you had no hand in, like where you were born is pathetic.

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