@VGM Religion is not a strawman, but the cause of the crime discussed in that meme.

It takes religion to convince people to commit a suicide attack to please an (imaginary) god. It takes the (imaginary) rewards and punishments in the afterlife that religion offers to convince people to commit atrocities that would otherwise be unthinkable.

It is almost comical how the supposedly "pro-liberty" people who oppose vaccines try and perform mental gymnastics to dodge the conclusions in the above paragraph. So, if any Tyson employee doesn't like the vaccine mandate they can go work somewhere else, as they have no right to set foot on Tyson's property.

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Anyone opposing Tyson's decision is asking the government to violate the basic property rights and decision making authority of a private company.

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Tyson is also within its rights to mandate vaccines because a private property owner should be and is able to decide who enters their property. That goes to the core of what it means to own property - the right to exclude others. Here, Tyson is deciding they will exclude people who, by virtue of their poor medical decisions, pose a danger to others. Similar logic applies to decisions about who a private company chooses to employ.

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Tyson is right to require employees be vaccinated because employers have an obligation to protect their workforce from preventable harm. The safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines is well established, and the decision is a sound one.

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Tyson is right to do this. Tyson is also within its rights to do this. Note that those are two separate things.

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