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This free collection of Lego compatible 3D-printable bricks is cool.

Police Officer Caught on his Own Body Camera Deleting Video From Man's Cellphone During Traffic Stop

Taking pride in something you had no hand in, like where you were born is pathetic.

As an attorney, I can't help but conclude that our legal system is fundamentally flawed when the cop who committed the torture-murder of George Floyd gets less time than many people who have sold marijuana.

Police abuse their law enforcement powers to commit sexual crimes on a regular basis, often shielded from accountability by their fellow officers who ignore or even cover up their crimes.


Note: I firmly believe we all own our own bodies and should be able to decide when and how to end our lives in cases where we are suffering from an incurable, terminal disease. So, please don't construe this post as opposition to self-ownership of our bodies and control over our own lives. But suicide that results from a mental health crisis is a different story, and those sort of deaths should be prevented.

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Recently, 2 people I know have killed themselves

Each death by suicide represents countless lost moments of joy, love, friendship, and happiness for both the deceased and those around them. Each death is an unmitigated tragedy, with a ripple effect that stretches far in time and space

Let's all remember that life is precious, fragile, and fleeting. Let's all remember that there is no shame in seeking mental health treatment. Let's all remember that we matter to the people around us

Father's day weekend is especially nice under the 6-pack of afterburning turbojets of an XB-70

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