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Two carbon offset companies that my law firm and I fund on a monthly basis:

Terrapass: A variety of projects including landfill gas capture and methane capture that meaningfully reduce greenhouse gases.

Charm: Carbon is converted to oil and stored underground such that it can't return to the atmosphere for at least 1 million years.

I think both of those projects are worthwhile and encourage everyone to donate.

Florida Prison Guards Openly Identifying As White Supremacist Intimidate Black Colleagues And Those Incarcerated -supremacist-prison-guards -supremacist-violence

There is only one earth. Please do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

"Research published in the journal Nature Climate Change suggests that 85% of all human beings have already felt the impact of climate change, whether because of floods, droughts, forest fires, extreme heat, or even unusual cold spells."

Imagine a world where every penny squandered on religion had instead been invested in science, medicine, food for the hungry, and shelter for the homeless.

Imagine a world in which every moment wasted praying had instead been spent actually solving problems.

Imagine a world in which hatred, bigotry, and misogyny couldn't be justified by religious texts.

Religion is a man-made virus of the mind that has stolen a better world from us all.

Completed my first 100 mile (160KM) bicycle ride today.

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